This is me ...

Born in Belgium, I am a very talkative person with a passion for food, my family which includes my husband, 3 children and 3 step children, and animals (in particular my Bengal cat and French bulldog, they are family after all.)

I trained as a Pastry Chef in Ireland in 2010 and have been baking and cake decorating for over 15 years. Since being back in the UK, I have launch my brand new business in February 2018 in order to create food and delicious desserts that says a little about my personality. I love designing cakes with elegance but also love creating food with a little flare and gets people talking. 

My Coffee Shop was something I decided to add on to my bakery, as where do people go to these days to be a little "Loquacious"?  Over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake of course ! I've designed my cosy coffee shop in a modern but relaxing way, so people can enjoy each others company and enjoy the surroundings of a beautiful little village. 

To find out more about me, why not pop in to the Coffee Shop & Bakery and say hello.